Tell a Story!

Story telling is a very good exercise for your brain. It requires you to recall, organize, and present with style and techniques.


This video tells you how to attract attentions when telling a story. The techniques can be applied across different languages.

Game: hold your memory!

The automatic slideshow below tells a story of telecommunication development in recent decades. Read it slide by slide and RETELL your story to a keen listener. Rule 1: read out loud while comprehending messages,

Rule 2: Control your pace to allow natural comprehension at the same time avoid mistakes

Rule 2: follow the order, no flip back

Rule 3: try your best to remember highlighted specialized terms and use these terms when you retell.



Leave your feedback below. If the majority thinks the slide turns too fast, we will adjust the speed.

Test your responses and speed of comprehension

The slides below explain two similar concepts "saving" and "savings", read the slide by slide.

Rule 1: read out loud while comprehending messages

Rule 2: follow the order, no flip back

Rule 3:  recall your memory and tell the differences to your listeners

First, we want to draw a distinction between the definitions of saving and savings.

Summary Practice

Learn interpreting with principles of deliberate practices.

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